Thursday, May 03, 2012

Aron in my life ~

actually i want to update this entry last month but not in blogging mood.. so just update it today..

now i adopt male kitten took from 1 newly mom at S.P advertised in i really happy since i'm not alone now when my hubby go to work (and i WFH.. haha) or play badminton with dearest neighbor..

he's cute and i named it with Aron.. not Aaron Aziz aa (xpasal2 lak nnt kena saman).. it's just a name okay.. he's cute, like to be pampered, active and sometime super active.. haha..

here got picture to share.. ~
do i look handsome? haha
with sister, called salbiah by Aifa..
after take bath..
play with ma hubby's hamster..
one of his sleep style.. notty
"tangan di dada, mata ke atas"
the end ~

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