Monday, November 09, 2009

besDay pResenT

alhamdulillah.. yesterday is my formal age for this year.. hehe.. i'm 28 now.. huhuh.. is it too old to get married? hua hua hua.. but, that's not the story.. just want to share, i got present from my fiance that can't be shared, touched and kept it in my room.. but something that make me release some tiredness, stress.. huhuh..

story is begin.. ^^ he didn't want to tell me his plan on the day.. after lunch, he just bring me to Pearl View Hotel.. i'm so surprise because i don't know why he bring me there? is it have any function that we can participate.. haha.. (lawak betul..)

he smile.. then he press lift button and silent.. jeng jeng jeng.. i saw Lotus SPA.. why we are here? then he said, "you look really stress lately.. so this is your birthday present.." (tp dlm bahasa melayu aa.. lol..)
pintu masuk SPA tu.. sib beik bkn SPA Q.. ops..

in the SPA, i take a bath, play in jacuzzi (panas..), sleep in sauna room and get an oily Balinese massage.. huhuh.. i'm so grateful that he bring me to SPA.. at least i know what people can do there.. haha..
pas siap sume2..

:: to my fiance ::
thanks honey for the lovely present..
i really appreciate that..


m@Ri@ said...

wah bestnya..

june said...

wow.. dasat la tunang u.. hehe.. psst, i segan pg spa sbb kene bukak baju.. lol

eLy said...

bleh tahan la.. hehe..

haha.. bukak cket2 dah aa.. teeeee

curigelap said...

wahaha.. ely kalu bab bukak2 nieh.. dia mmg xpert

eLy said...

oit.. komen lelok cket.. nnt ibu2 terkojut baca..

m@Ri@ said...

ape abg mmg kes wajib dah ni..hahah..

AiFA Cho-CHang said...

huu.. cntek jugak spa dier ni ek.. yg pnting, hrga bpttutan.. besh2

eLy said...

tu la.. malu akak.. hehe

mmg berpatutan.. jom g ramai2 nak?